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Let the Wine Seller Be Your Guide

Although it’s on a major thoroughfare, this very particular wine shop is out of the way, on the grittiest edge of SoHo. “There’s nothing like it in this area,” said Vinicus Aboin, the manager, who is originally from Brazil and hit it off with the owner, Ivanete de Oliveira, a former importer who is also Brazilian. The shop’s emphasis is on natural, biodynamic and organic wines, and on labels you don’t see everywhere. “We are interested in the winemakers,” Mr. Aboin said, adding that these wines sometimes need explaining. But, he said, “When customers try the wines, they usually come back and buy more.” There are quite a few wines in magnums, including German rieslings in handsome tall bottles

By Flourence Fabricant


Photo by Nicole Craine of The New York Times 

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