Guillot Broux - "Les Genievieres" Macon-Cruzille 2016 (750ml)
Guillot Broux - "Les Genievieres" Macon-Cruzille 2016 (750ml)

Guillot Broux - "Les Genievieres" Macon-Cruzille 2016 (750ml)


A white wine from Burgundy, France made from Chardonnay. Coming from a spectacular area in the Maconnais, this Chardonnay is worth every penny. Warm, round, and soft on the palate. Dry, with tons of citrus fruits and green apples. It spends just the righ

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The domaine consists of a number of small vineyards in the Mâconnais villages of Cruzille, Grevilly and Chardonnay.

Respecting the environment, people, organic wines and organic agriculture, as well as emphasising the terroir are fundamental to us at the Domaine Guillot-Broux.

The domaine has been certified organic since 1991. However, organic wine-making is not about a label; it is about respecting the earth, man and wine. 
In contrast to ‘conventional’ methods of cultivation, they only use natural methods of fighting parasites, ploughing, organic fertilisers (to feed the soil and not the vines), and mineral sprays with stable active molecules which leave no residues in the wines.

Respecting the soil in this way allows the vines to absorb all the elements they need to be healthy and balanced, and thus, produce healthy, balanced wines. Disease in the vines is generally due to an imbalance in nature; we therefore seek to maintain the right balance rather than treat the consequences.

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