Duckman - Espumante Rosa 2017 (750 ml)
Duckman - Espumante Rosa 2017 (750 ml)

Duckman - Espumante Rosa 2017 (750 ml)


ESPUMANTE ROSA From 100% Baga, a Portuguese gem, this Pet Nat sparkles with notes of strawberries and cherries. Medium-bodied, its richness and texture shows best when paired with pizza, Asian cuisine, vegetables, or cheese.

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In keeping with her family's free-spiritedness, Maria Pato, daughter of Luis Pato-- a rock star in the Portuguese wine world who is responsible for reinvigorating the Bairrada DOC-- has produced a series of cuvees as strange as they are quaffable.

The Pato family is a Bairrada institution, and has been producing wines from there since the 18th century. One daughter of Luis, Filipa, has already made a name for herself in the Bairrada and Dao regions with her quirky and coveted cuvees, and now, it is Maria who is trying her hand at the family business.  
Pato, the Portuguese word for duck, lends itself to the whimsical nature of Maria's wines. Believing that "everyone can be the Duckman if they embrace the Duckman spirit," Maria set out to produce wines that defy convention-- and they do. From the crisp Vinho Branco which uses 100% Bical and is aged in French oak, to the funkier Espumante Bruto Branco-- a 100% Fernao Pires that is topped-off with a liqueur de triage from their 1997 vintage-- these unique and often elusive productions are guaranteed to tantalize the palate and tickle your mind.

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